The best taste ever!!! The best taste ever!!! An interesting concept, open kitchen, modern design, perfect taste, beautiful people! We thank Claudiu, for his impeccable service!"

Iulian 32

 Above all expectations The absolute best food I have ever eaten so far. Great service, visually appealing dishes and a well balanced flavor make this restaurant my #1 choice ever. Prices are average or above average, but well worth it! Small minuses: only a few dishes to chose from, but everything is exceptional... and the bass from the speakers was not adjusted and was slightly annoying."

Sabolcz Sz

 IF YOU'RE IN SIBIU YOU NEED TO TRY IT ! The dinner was SOOOOO DELICIOUS, that if I could I would order it again, I tried what I think it was a potato soup with crispy pork, and the flavor was... Out of this world, totally recommendable, also for second dish ordered the beef cheek was soooo soft that I didn't even needed the knife, was amazing. I wish they had one in Barcelona or in Bucarest. The prices for us where reaally good for the quality of the food. The restaurant looks fine, with his rustic touch guess would be called. The personnal was 10/10."